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Anna Rakhvalova

I was born in Siberia, in Irkutsk, the city that lies near Lake Baikal, where I spent my childhood.

I remember my mom locking herself in little dark room with a strange red magenta light. I was a child back then, always intrigued and willing to know what was going on in there. She took me in and for the first time in my life I saw photographs coming alive! Shadows, forms, people, nature appeared as by a miracle on a totally white paper, it was fascinating!

I guess it was imprinted pretty hard in my memories and in my head because now I can’t live without taking pictures.

I feel I have a mission: to push my models to reveal things they have inside of them, something they hide and usually don’t show to other people but me. Their inner world, emotions, experiences, life. And I bring their secrets to my photos as chemicals make appear the images on a white paper.

Thanks to all my models.